Data Recovery & Backups

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Don’t let your family photos, personal documents and other important files get lost due to a poorly designed data backup system. Virtual Solutions Repair handles all aspects of data backup and recovery for Long Island residents. Tech Support is our forte, and we support you in all your technological trials and tribulations.

We offer the following data backup and recovery services: 

  • Hardware Backups & Restorations
  • Data Transfers
  • Automated Backup Configurations
  • Clean & Format PC
  • Online & Remote Backup Installations

To keep your computer running fast and efficiently, you must keep it well maintained. Caring for your equipment will make it last longer and will ensure optimum results from it. Treat computer care as an ongoing exercise, much like the caring for a car or home. This will allow you trouble-free computing and fast, efficient responses if you do have problems. It is important to have a backup system in place so that you are prepared for anything. Technology is not invincible. It does grow obsolete over time. If you do have data stuck on a broken computer that you need to retrieve, Virtual Solutions can recover most types of files from your hard drive and transfer them to a new external hard drive or computer system.

Want to keep your files in the cloud where you can access them anywhere? Virtual Solutions can also setup a backup program in “the Cloud” for you and then show you how to access those files anytime, anywhere. If you’re in need of data backup or recovery, or other tech support in Long Island, don’t hestitate to call Virtual Solutions Repair today.